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Monster Rankings

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Now that you've been introduced to these creatures of the night, here's some helpful rankings for if you do encounter them this spooky Halloween.

Top 3 monsters to run away from

  1. Demons
  2. Vampires
  3. Fairies

3 monsters you should NOT run away from

  1. Werewolves
  2. Zombies
  3. Angels
3 monsters to hang out with
  1. Skeletons
  2. Familiars
  3. Fairies
Overall Scare Factor Rankings
scary pumpkin face
Rank Creature Objective Opinion
1 Demon Very scary, run for your life
2 Vampires Also pretty scary, but definitely less scary. Potentially could be their friend, potentially could be their dinner
3 Zombies Very scary and also gross looking
4 Werewolves Kind of scary, but generally pretty nice to humans (with some notable exceptions)
5 Fairies Not scary looking at all, but very scary if you make them mad
6 Ghosts Slightly scary because you can feel them and hear them, but generally harmless
7 Witches Basically just regular humans, so not too scary unless you make them mad and they curse you
8 Angels So beautiful that it's actually intimidating, but otherwise very nice and not scary at all
9 Familiars Cute animals, definitely not scary at all
10 Skeletons Slightly jarring to see, but very fun and harmless; definitely not scary